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Are you interested in homeschooling your only child? Do you want to homeschool but are confused about how to start and what’s true about homeschooling and what is not true? Do you fear that you will be doing an injustice by keeping your child at home instead of school because you’ve been told or worry that your child won’t have the proper socialization?

This guide is for you!

Forget all of the stereotypes surrounding homeschooling. Homeschooling is now a very common method of education and the numbers are exploding! There are more families choosing homeschooling than ever before and this guide is for the family who has an only child or one of many children who you are wanting to homeschool.

Every question you have has an answer and every concern will be addressed in Homeschooling You Only Child: The Complete Guide. This book is for the secular homeschooler (a homeschool that does not incorporate religion into your child’s education) and provides many resources, tips, tricks, curriculum suggestions and words of wisdom to help you navigate through one of the most important decisions of your child’s life.

Written by a secular homeschooling mommy of one who is also a children’s book author and illustrator, Courtney Jones has created this guide to help other families learn about the joys and benefits that homeschooling your only child can offer. Courtney will answer your questions and concerns and provide excellent resources and advice about:

-Curriculum choices

-The emotional ups and downs of homeschooling

-Budgeting tips

-Organizational hacks

-Advice on single parent homeschooling

-How to keep your relationship alive and healthy while your child is home instead of away at school all day.

– The benefits and challenges that an only child homeschool will face

– Homeschooling Laws

– Record keeping

– Non religious Curriculum options and connecting with other non religious homeschoolers

– S.T.E.M based education and resources on getting started

– Homeschooling your high schooler and college preparation

– How to determine your child’s learning style (QUIZ included)

– The real costs of homeschooling and creating a budget

– Organizing your homeschool

– Single Parent/ Working Parents advice and resources

– Socialization and why that word makes homeschoolers cringe…AND laugh

– How to withdraw your child from traditional school and transition into homeschool

– Finding support from fellow homeschoolers in your community and much more…

After reading this guide you will have all of the confidence, resources and knowledge required to make an informed decision on how to (or whether to) homeschool your child. But I can assure you, once you read the joys and amazing benefits that homeschooling is waiting to offer your child, there will be no more doubt and you will join the tens of thousands of fellow homeschooling families when you’ll say:

“Homeschooling is the best decision we made for our family!”


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